Los Angeles Breakers Football Club


We are proud to list here the LA Breakers alumni who have moved on to play college soccer who either graduated from high school when they played for the Breakers or played a portion of their youth soccer with our club.  Please note that we do not want, nor do we attempt, to lay claim to the talent, acccomplishments, or development of these players who have played for the Breakers.  We only state that these players have played with the Breakers and then moved on to play soccer at the collegiate level.  We are proud of the fact that they chose to play for the Breakers and we are hopeful that parents and players can find this list helpful as a reference of some of the quality people who have been a part of our program.  

Thank you for your dedication and hard work.  We congratulate you and wish you well!



Andy Gierman (’04) American University
London King (’04) Arizona University
Danny Arreguin ('16) Bethel
Rene Collozos ('16) Bethel
Alex Michael (’05) Brown University
Ella Warshauer (‘13)​​​ Brown University
Malina Yago (‘18)​​​​ Brown University
Natalie Messing ('15) Brown University
Rylee Shumway (‘14)​​​ Brown University
Samantha Messing (‘17)​​​ ​​​Brown University
Elena Rust (’13) Cal Lutheran University
Brianna Nesbit (’12) Cal Poly Pomona
Zoe Mosk (’04) Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Ruben Soria ('17) Cal State Fullerton/Santa Monica College
Cynthia Tafoya (’11) Cal State University Northridge
Hannah De Silva ('15) Cal State University Long Beach
Alex Venegas (’10) Carnegie Mellon University
Rebbeca Gold (’09) Carnegie Mellon University
Lily Moore (‘17)​​​​ Chapman University
Gabby Clouse (‘17)​​​​ Claremont Mckenna College
Luciano Gazcon ('17) Columbia University
Shawn Rowatt ('05) Columbia University
Paul Bachigalupo ('10) Connecticut College
Jessie Kharasch (’10) Connecticut College
Ashley Augenstein (’00) Cal State University Northridge
Jenny Vargas (’00) Cal State University Northridge
Elijah Lichtenberg ('12) Claremont McKenna
James Carter ('09) Earlham College
Humberto Villegas ('09) El Camino College/Santa Monica College
Duncan Bochicchio ('12) Emerson College/Santa Monica College
Olivia Possino (‘17)​​​​ ​​​​Emerson College
Daryn Towle (’07) Georgetown University
Cecilia Coronado (‘17)​​​ Holy Names College
Bianca Greene (’07) Lake Forest College
Abby Barnes (‘17)​​​​ Lewis & Clarke College
Lisa Housman (’04) Lewis & Clarke College
Elizabeth Lyons (’11) Cal State University Long Beach
Connor Giln ('10) Loyola Marymount University
Evelina van Norden ('14) Loyola Marymount University
Andrea Ramiriez ('14) Marymount California University
Karissa Corralez ('15) Marymount California University
Ashley Coreas ('13) Marymount California University
Jennifer Pace (’11) Michigan University
Samantha Greene (’07) Northwestern University
Sarah Halpenny(’00)  University of Notre Dame
Shawn McNitt Gray ('12) NYU
David Michael Paine ('17) Occidental College
Albert Chamagua ('12) Pasadena City College
Alex Marmureanu (’14) Pepperdine University
Kristen Rodriguez (’13) Pepperdine University
Jack Jordan ('12) Radford University
Kendall Doherty (’04) Santa Clara University
Kevin Klasila ('07) Santa Clara University
Kevin Alonzo ('09) Santa Monica College
Yarden Amira ('15) Santa Monica College
Jordan Fier ('12) Santa Monica College
Danny Hernandez ('16) Santa Monica College
Kota Nakayama ('15) Santa Monica College
Richard O'Campo ('09) Santa Monica College
Oscar Palacios ('16) Santa Monica College
Freddy Salguero ('09) Santa Monica College
Veronica Crowe (‘17)​​​ Scripps College
Saki Watanabe (‘14)​​​ Southern Utah University
Ryan Klasila ('05) St. Mary's College
Eric Roberts ('05) St. Mary's College
Ali Riley (’06) Stanford University
Sommer Denison ('14) Swarthmore College
Yasmeen Namazie ('15) Swarthmore College
Samantha Elander (’11) Tufts University
Alex Pack ('09) Union College
Ariella Barry (’12) UC Davis
Spencer Davis ('18) UC Davis
Chelsea McCarthy (’00) UC Irvine
Meg Pierce (’11) UC Irvine
Danica Pomerenck (’00) UC Riverside
Nicole Yumori (’06) UC Riverside
Connor Carman ('12) UC Santa Barbara
Maegan Pickett (’04) UC Santa Barbara
Kavi Kashani ('14) UC Santa Barbara
Tammy Lenham (’06) UC Santa Barbara
Catherine Calvert (’04) UCLA
Kelly Durbin (‘00) UCLA
Danny Hulbert ('14) UCLA
Jake Tenzer ('14) UCLA
Javan Torre ('12) UCLA
Ariel Galleti (’11) University of Arkansas-Little Rock
Anisa Patterson (’12) Univesity of Texas (San Antonio)
Whitney Rosenheim (‘10)​​ University of Houston
Sheera Goren (’04) University of Michigan
Jasmine Johnson (’13) University of Missouri
Jessica Johnson (’14) University of Missouri
Lauren Gaston (’14) University of Missouri
India Watne (’10) University of Montana
Natalie Hein (’14) University of Montana
Jasmine Christian (04) University of Nevada Reno
Brianne Wahrenbrock (’04) University of Nevada Reno
Jessica Fogel (’14) University of Pacific
Nicola Berry (’11) University of Pacific
Jennifer Price (’01) University of Pennsylvania
Kelly Lazor (’07) University of Pennsylvania
Kelly McCarthy (’08) University of Pennsylvania
Rebecca Hextall (’10) University of Scranton
Amanda Preciado ('14) University of South Carolina Beaufort
Haley Pina (’14) University of South Carolina Beaufort
Karen Pimental (’14) University of South Carolina Beaufort
Bella Keane (‘17)​​​​ University of South Florida
Natalie Gigg (‘13)​​​​ USC
Jesse Fitzgerald ('18) University of Washington
Caryn Rosoff (’06) Washington Univ. (St. Louis)
Nicki Maron (’05) Washington Univ. (St. Louis)
Beau McGinley ('12) Washington Univ. (St. Louis)
Henry Karmin ('10) Wesleyan College
Madison Lee (‘17)​​​​ Wesleyan College
Lucy Miller (’06) Western Washington University
Elizabeth Danhakl (’07) Williams College
Lindsay Avant (‘17)​​​​ Williams College