Los Angeles Breakers Football Club

Rom Turci - Head Coach B06 Elite

Rom Turci - Head Coach B06 Elite


Coaching Experience:

Coach B03-A Brussels ROFC Stockel - Belgium in EUROPE



Coach B00-A and in charge of the group of 52 players Brussels FC Saint Michel - Belgium in EUROPE

Coach B04-A Brussels ROFC Stockel - Belgium in EUROPE

Coach RSCA Anderlecht (club Pro) Foundation Constant Vanden Stock for underprivileged children of Brussels-Boitfort - Belgium in EUROPE


2014 to 2016

Coaching course with the Belgian Union – UEFA diploma and Sport educator diploma


November 2016/mi-2017  

Coach B02-Premier League - Culver City FC, Los Angeles, California - USA

First and unbeaten in Gold North League, Cal’South 2016


Since September 2017       

Private coach of Adrian Vera - L.A. Galaxy II. Video analysist and European advisor


Since November 2017        

French Soccer Institute (FSI) Technical Director Assistant Coach B06-Elite, Flag1


LA Breakers FC (before, FC Los Angeles)

Final Vegas Cup 2018 - Regional tournament: California, Utah, Arizona, Nevada

Quarter-final silver Denver Super Copa 2018 - National tournament


Playing Career:
1986/87    FC Metz pro training center
1990/96    French Amateur National Division, Beaugency - France in EUROPE
1997/98    English Regional Division, Birmingham - England in EUROPE

UEFA diploma basic-2016-FR-BR-122 -&- diploma US Soccer Federation E