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SOCAL League

About SOCAL League

SOCAL is a youth competitive soccer organization, offering league play for U8-U19 teams, and also oversees the State Cup competition.

Clubs are represented as north as Ventura County, and as south as San Diego County. 

Each age group is organized as one of several "flights," with each flight representing a different level of competition (Flight 1 is the highest, Flight 4 is the lowest), allowing teams to be placed against similarly developed opponents.

About LA Breakers FC SOCAL

LA Breakers FC SOCAL teams include most of our younger boys and girls teams (U8-U12), and some of our older teams who do not participate in ECNL or Regional League.

Younger teams may be designated by their coach's last name, and older teams may be designated by SOCAL as its primary league.

Teams are formed in the following age groups:

  • U8 (boys and girls)
  • U9 (boys and girls)
  • U10 (boys and girls)
  • U11 (boys and girls)
  • U12 (boys and girls)
  • U13 (boys and girls)
  • U14 (boys and girls)
  • U15 (boys and girls)
  • U16 (boys and girls)
  • U17 (boys and girls)
  • U19 (boys and girls)

Age groups are organized by birth years; U8-U13 teams typically follow a March 1-February 28 commitment calendar, and older teams (U14-U19) follow a June 1-May 31 calendar.

Age Group  Fall 22/Spring 23 Fall 23/Spring 24
U8 2015 2016
U9 2014 2015
U10 2013 2014
U11 2012 2013
U12 2011 2012
U13 2010 2011


U15 2008 2009
U16 2007 2008
U17 2006 2007
U19 2004-05 2005-06