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Fall 2023 Uniform Information

LA Breakers FC and Niky’s Sports have partnered to provide LA Breakers FC families a high quality custom uniform, and a variety of additional gear and clothing.

The club is entering the first year of a new two-year uniform cycle with Adidas.

Due to Adidas’ production timeline, these kits are currently in production, and will not be available immediately for new players in Spring 2023. Temporary items may be included for families to manage through that season before these items are available.


Who Needs a Uniform Kit?

All players need an official kit, which includes both game and practice items (see below).

ALL players (returning and new) must place an order for a new kit:

The following teams will place their orders in March:

  • Boys: 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2009 SOCAL
  • Girls: 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010 SOCAL, 2009 RL

All other teams (2005-2010 ECNL and RL teams, and 2005-2008 SOCAL teams) will place their orders in May and June following tryouts and team selections.


Required Items:

All players MUST have the following items as part of their kit:

  • White game jersey
  • Blue game jersey
  • Blue game shorts
  • Blue game socks
  • White game socks
  • Grey practice jersey
  • Grey performance hoodie
  • Black practice shorts
  • Black practice socks


Families may purchase additional items (e.g. extra socks, shorts, etc.) at their discretion.

Due to the change in uniform cycle, new families in Youngers age groups being fitted in March and April will also order a temporary gray practice top and a temporary blue game t-shirt, in order to have shirts to wear this Spring in training and games.

Current families will continue to wear their existing kit through the Spring season.



Goalkeepers who play exclusively that position (they will only play as a goalkeeper in games) may purchase an alternate package which includes a goalkeeper game uniform.

Individuals who play both goalkeeper and field should purchase the above items, and may choose to purchase the official goalkeeper kit at their discretion.


Optional Items:

Families may also choose to purchase optional, personalized items, including:

  • Warmup jacket
  • Warmup pant
  • Backpack

Club spirit wear is also available.


Uniform Numbers:

Returning players to the same team will retain their uniform number. Returning players with uniform number conflicts (ex: a player moves from  2nd team to the 1st team; or from playing up to their appropriate age group) may be assigned a new number in the event of a conflict.

New families will be assigned a number by their team’s coach and/or team manager, and should list that number on their uniform order form at the time of their purchase.

How to Order your Child’s Kit

Teams were previously scheduled fitting dates. For individual families still in need of their new uniform kit, please follow the steps below:


Step 1: Schedule a Fitting Date

Contact Niky's Sports at (310) 445-6570 to schedule a date to bring your child in for fittings.

Step 2: Attend your Fitting Date

Your child is strongly encouraged to attend to ensure proper fitting. If items are in stock, they'll be pressed on site, you'll pay, and and you'll walk out the door with them.

Step 3: Out of Stock Items

If any items are out of stock, they'll be pressed upon arrival, and you'll be notified by Niky's Sports once they're available for pickup.


Can I attend a different fitting day?

Fitting days are assigned around existing practice days. They are also assigned to ensure boys teams meet one day, and girls are on a different day.

Families with multiple children in the club can choose an assigned day and bring those multiple players to that date.

There may be makeup dates, but all families should make their best effort to attend their assigned day to ensure a smooth fitting process.


Can I email or phone in my order?

In-person attendance is strongly recommended to ensure proper sizes are ordered. These jerseys and shorts may fit differently than the current kit.


How do I know my child’s uniform number?

Your child’s number will be assigned to you by your team’s coach or manager. Returning families (unless otherwise communicated) will retain their number from the previous year.


Why all of the steps? Can’t I just show up one day to receive all of my items?

The kit items (jerseys, shorts, socks, practice tops) have different production schedules, which is why they are not all available at once. Steps 1 and 2 are in place to ensure your child receives the correct size.

This should be a short term issue, as these kits will be worn for two years.


What size should I order?

Families are encouraged to bring their child to the fitting day to be fitted correctly. Families might also consider ordering a size up, given that their child is likely to grow in a short span, and that these items can be worn for the next two years.


What if I order the wrong size?

Once items are personalized (e.g., numbered), no exchanges are permitted. This is why it’s important for your child to be present for the fitting and purchasing of each item.


My child is a current player. Can I order a replacement item of the current kit for the Spring season?

There are limited supplies of the existing kit (blue jersey, white jersey, gray jersey, blue short, blue sock). You may purchase current kit items while supplies last.